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Project | Dementia Protector

The dementia protector is a wearable device designed with IBM's support that aims at improving the lives of dementia patients. The device has multiple bio-sensors, which allows the GP to monitor the patient's health data in real-time. In addition, it has an AI assistant that supports the patient during panick attack episodes, sending the live location to the emergency contacts as well as navigating the patient to the nearest safe zone. 

Wine Bottles
Project | Artificial Sommelier

This projects explores the application of various machine learning techniques in the field of wine tasting. The machine takes into account the chemical composition of the wine, and uses the training data to predict the quality of the bottle by ranking it out of 10. The machine ranking exactly matched the human ranking 63% of the times. However, 96% of its rankings are within an error margin of 1.

4.5.1 e sound order analysis.png
Project | Advanced Signal Processing

This project explores various statistical signal processing techniques (auto-regressive modelling, correlations,  etc.) and their real life applications, such as: respiratory sinus arrhythmia, speech recognition, sunspot series prediction, stock market modelling etc.

Visit my GitHub for more details! 
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